Hi - my name is Jeanette - welcome to my world, of floral corsage creations..!

All of the flowers we use on our wedding accessories range are hand-grown in the Corsage Queen (CQ) nursery, here in sunny Coventry. It’s important to me to keep things ‘green’ - and producing our flower stock locally means we’re cutting down on the co2 emissions used in transport from the traditional growers based overseas, plus we can also keep an eye on the local wildlife by avoiding pesticides

As a NAFAS trained flower-arranger, I’m always out and about looking for new ideas for my class demonstrations - and came across some simple ‘real flower’ jewelry designs online from a Californian company. We’ve adapted some of these concepts to create a very unique range of accessories - each hand made using some decorative techniques that I’d been experimenting with for a few years.

If you’d like to find out more about ‘Corsage Queen’ unique floral accessories - drop us a line here :-

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