We love these doors.. Heritage Range Composites are a great choice if you want to upgrade your period property - high security and fully insulated to keep you cosy warm - plus now available in a variety of elegant designs and finishes to compliment your Heritage Range Windows. 

There are many shapes and sizes of composite door available, however, we particularly like the authentic looks of the 'FLINT' close-board, and 'NOTTINGHAM' four panel glazed design. The light oak, grey, rosewood and mid-oak colour options shown here are some of our favorites - match the inside to the front face, or go plain white - either way, you've plenty of elegant choices for your Victorian or Edwardian period makeover project! 

EXTERIOR: 'Flint' - shown in grey, with matching frame, panelled woodgrain door, black hammered finish handle, letterplate and spyglass.

INTERIOR: 'Flint' -smooth white, matching frame, panelled effect door, black hammered finish handle, letterplate and spyglass.

EXTERIOR: 'Nottingham' - shown in grey, a traditional four panelled design with matching frame and obscured glazing.

INTERIOR: 'Nottingham' - in smooth white; the solid core door construction provides excellent soundproofing and security.

The timber woodgrain colours and paint effect finishes on Heritage Range composite doors are very realistic - and of course you've no headaches in terms of maintainence as they come with a 10 year guarantee.

beautiful victorian upvc door dudley

Another great option is the ‘stable’ door variant - this is the standard ‘Flint’ door, but specified to be separately hinged and lockable.

(Image shows a cottage property in Dudley that we renovated with ‘heritage range’ - back in 2017).