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Our window prices are very reasonable, and start at approx £450 for smaller windows (kitchen pantry windows, or attic dormers), £550 for medium size windows (typical property size), and £650 for larger windows (grander Victorian apartments).

Our fitting (installation) charge is additional to this, and calculated at 50% of the total window cost.

a homeowners cat.. admiring our handy-work?

a homeowners cat.. admiring our handy-work?

We provide a bespoke supply and install service - and use a UK based manufacturer who ensures all windows are fully compliant with current UK building regulations (this is sometimes referred to as ‘FENSA approved’). Please note that AWD Restorations are not FENSA* self-certified installers, although we can arrange for the submission of a Building Control Notice to your local authority (typical cost £120) covering certification of the window installation if this is something you decide you need.

Keep in mind though that Building Control Regulations aren’t definitive - particularly in the case of refurbishment - and interpretation varies widely ‘depending who you get’. Some local authority inspectors insisting on perfectly good sashboxes/ window bay framing being replaced at the same time as windows themselves, or perhaps even unsightly ‘trickle vents’ that (to our mind) spoil the look of replacement windows on older properties. Many homeowners instead opt for ‘FENSA indemnity insurance’ - routinely available if you decide to sell your house (in practice, this is the only time you’ll need to demonstrate building regulations compliance for replacement windows). FENSA indemnity came into being primarily because so many ‘diy installs’ weren’t being notified (as people don’t know this is a requirement) and many sellers don’t have the time or inclination to track down their FENSA certificates (if they ever had one). Risks to the underwriter are minimal (there’s never been enforcement action), so premiums are low - and the indemnity option is quicker than trying to get a replacement certificate. The indemnity insurance covers the buyer if there’s ever an issue - and the seller only needs a few details such as when the work was done, and who by - so get your solicitor to arrange the cover for you if and when you decide to sell. The approx cost is £100-150 depending on the size of property.

* nb. The FENSA self-cert scheme was devised in 2002 by the trade as a way to simplify things for installers following a decision by the government to include windows as a ‘notifiable work’. The idea behind this was to boost public perceptions of the industry and improve standards - with the self-cert scheme avoiding installers having to swamp local authorities for certification. Unfortunately, high membership costs, and compulsory ‘add-ons’ (like training and insurance) make this an expensive option for smaller specialist companies like us who only take on relatively few jobs.

the.. ‘its got to look worse, before it looks better’ .. phase.

the.. ‘its got to look worse, before it looks better’ .. phase.

Sounds complicated? It’s not really. If you’re getting a quote from a window company - and want to make sure they measure up in terms of best practice and ‘building regulation compliance’ - our advice is to ask these 7 key questions:-

  • what is the ‘u’ value' of the windows?

    (needs to be <1.6, ours are 1.5, optionally 1.4)

  • is the glass toughened?

    (any windows set below 800mm from the ground need specifying with toughened glass - toughened comes as standard on all the windows we supply)

  • if no trickle vents, can the windows be (safely) left open to give ventilation?

    (we always specify childproof safety restrictors - these stop the window being pulled open from outside by intruders, making it safe to leave slightly ajar)

  • does the layout of the property mean there is any need for the window to be used as a means of escape?

    (we’ll assess this, and specify fully opening windows if it’s the case. We always recommend sliding sash windows wherever possible as these are particularly good at allowing a person to easily exit if a fire blocks the normal egress route)

  • will checks be made to ensure structural integrity of the opening prior to removal of old windows?

    (many old properties rely upon the window framing to act as a lintel - supporting brickwork above. We’ll check the situation, but our slimline units mean if you’ve the original framing or sashbox in situ, we can leave this in place - minimising disturbance, improving looks and avoiding mess).

  • how will ‘cold-bridging’ be minimised?

    (when installing, we measure up carefully to make the gap between the window and brickwork is as small as possible - while still giving enough tolerance to position the window square and level. If its not square, you’ll have difficulty opening and closing the window, and also get draughty areas around the sashes. We then carefully - in stages, so as to avoid deforming the frame - fill any voids with expanding foam so as to minimise cold bridging. This also helps with reducing outside noise, and is particularly important with bays - many installers won’t bother insulating cavities formed by the intersecting angles).

  • how will health and safety be addressed?

    (we’ll perform a written risk assessment before beginning any work - addressing any potential hazards eg. awkward laddering, potential for hazardous materials being found, proximity of the public to any works - and take action to minimise risk of injury).

  • what happens if there’s a problem?

    (our windows are covered by a 20 year manufacturers guarantee - and this means if you have any kind of issue, say for example a broken lock catch, they’ll replace this f.o.c. Additionally, we commit to personally sorting out any issues you have relating to the installation for a minimum period of 2 years - so that’s basically any problem relating to a ‘defect in materials or workmanship’ ).

In regard as to windows, several choices are available for additional comfort, looks and/or security - eg. acoustic glass offering improved sound reduction if you live close by a road, run through sash horns or safety restrictors that prevent opening by a child (or opportunist thief) - but just give us a call we can talk to you about options. We’ll then come over to measure up for a quote - and then also include a realistic photo mock-up showing our window suggestions (eg. style/colour) for your home to help you decide what works best.

White is still the most popular colour for replacement windows - but cream works extremely well too - and this is the choice recommended by many period restorers as it complements brickwork/stonework on older properties (we've just used this approach on two large mansion properties in Coventry). 

low cost sash windows dudley, west of birmingham

A woodgrained finish is provided as standard for external faces, and with the vastly improved manufacturing techniques available today this comes very close to imitating a painted timber window - particularly if combined with a period-style colour choice - and of course keep in mind any adjoining joinery or adjacent timber doors can easily be painted to an exact colour-match to complement the makeover.

Re: interiors, we recommend woodgrain finish again for inside faces of windows, as this works with the widest pallet of interior decorative schemes and is simple to wipe clean. nb. where windows are to replace original sashes, we always recommend leaving the 'sash box' in situ - the Heritage Windows are specially reinforced and designed with narrow width framing to make them uniquely suitable for this - simplifiying the install, but more importantly, the finished effect is significantly enhanced with both external and internal architrave mouldings left on display. 

Get any comparable quote and you'll be pleased to discover our pricing is significantly less cost than made-to-measure timber sashes, and at least 50% lower than well known companies advertising on TV and in magazines.

And, yes - sometimes it can even be less than this - particularly if you have a large number of windows to replace at a single location. If we don't think we can do a good job without adding in extras - for example, replacing lost mouldings, or re-facing a non-original internal room cill to accept replica architraves  - we'll tell you up-front - we're very particular about getting proportions and character right, both inside and out.

Larger windows are more expensive, but probably not as much as you'd think - the installation time isn't much different to something smaller so our pricing can often be a pleasant surprise.

Casement windows (ie. non sash, hinged or fixed) can also be manufactured faithfully to match original shapes and styles, with supply and fit prices on simple, small fixed windows often less than £250.  


Beautiful, large 1550mm square '3 over 3' sash window - supply and fit cost approx £750.


The option to add surface fitted astragal glazing bars won't increase the individual window price a great deal - and this is an aspect where Heritage Windows excel, with extremely authentic detail. Spacer bars are placed inside the glass unit to replicate the look of individual panes of glass, allowing the entire double glazed area to be fabricated as a single unit - therefore maximising thermal efficiency.


Two mid-sized '1 over 1' sash windows installed in Earlsdon, Coventry - installed directly into original sash box, with minimal 'making good' required - typical cost just £650 each, supply and fit by AWD RESTORATIONS.

Large (1960mm high) Heritage Range sash windows installed into a bay window at Oaklands in Earlsdon, Coventry - missing internal architrave mouldings on inside of bay were replaced, total cost - including this work approx £2500.

Large (1960mm high) Heritage Range sash windows installed into a bay window at Oaklands in Earlsdon, Coventry - missing internal architrave mouldings on inside of bay were replaced, total cost - including this work approx £2500.


A variety of sensibly priced authentic looking catches, handles, sash lifters and pulls are available to compliment the Heritage Range, together with optional open-close colour matched trickle vents (a requirement if windows are being supplied for new build extension or material change of use eg. conversion to HMO or flats).

And finally, if you're looking for authentically styled fully insulated entrance doors, our composite doors like the Heritage Range 'Nottingham' above, are priced typically between £1000-£1500 each, fitted.