[Alan Denyer]

Version 2 - October 2019

fig 1. proposed new layout

fig 1. proposed new layout


The makeover is primarily about broadening appeal to enage a younger, culturally diverse audience - with a new look that blends the best of the old with the best of the new. A re-organisation of existing space also encourages multiple new uses. Key outcomes are an increase in footfall, with broader demographic engagement - bringing benefits in terms of participation, revenue and social value to the community.

The four central themes are:-

  1. Restoring key elements of the building’s original Edwardian architectural aesthetic & grandeur (IE. de-cluttering, re-introduction of symmetry, sympathetic colour scheme/signage - plus a few classic ‘signature’ items of furniture/lamps/soft furnishings).

  2. Creation (in the existing ‘pc area’ ) of a reading room/free internet access area, additionally suitable for events and/or use as a display space

  3. Re-orientation and purposing of the reception - to additionally incorporate a small cafe (coffee/soft drinks) offering

  4. Re-purposing/re-siting of library book shelving, and, creation of new circulation routes to achieve better (and safer) overall floorspace utilsation

method statement

(summary - main interventions)


    general painting of internal walls, and (like for like) replacement of external signage

  2. ‘PC’ ROOM

    all shelving to be removed, and re-purposed as back to back mobile units - re-sited in main library room

    internet pc’s to be re-located (4 on each side) along ‘internet cafe’ style wall facing bench tables - repurposed from existing tables.

    projection screen to be fitted to far wall

    new general seating to be sourced [tbc - feature monks bench seats x 2, plus 60 x fold away ]


    a new, front facing layout is proposed - incorporating the existing repurposed reception units. the major change is the closing off of direct access into the rear ‘pc room’.

    a new entrance-way directly from reception hall into childrens library to be created by removing the rectangular glazed wood panel in second hallway arch (to be relocated alongside in the first arch). the original ‘reading room’ entrance doors immediately to the right of the main entrance are re-sited into the aperture of left-hand side 3rd arch (as viewed from main entrance), so as to provide the staff entranceway into the new reception point.

    (this reconfiguration has added benefit of giving the childrens library a second means of exit in the event of fire)

    mains water to be extended from toilet area so as to facilitate plumbing in of automatic coffee/drinks machine

    under-unit glass fronted fridge unit to be located under rear reception counter.

    photocopy/printing unit to be accomodated within enlarged reception working area


    ‘V’ shaped projecting shelf features to be removed, all shelving to be re-purposed as back to back mobile units - increasing available floorspace and allowing heat from radiators to circulate effectively.


    existing shelving to be re-sited as per fig. 1 plan layout.


    it is requested that the library be granted use of the disused public convenience block for storage purposes. (adjoins library, fronting onto albany road).



[this section is currently incomplete]

This is the proposed schedule of works that are required to effect the changes


unscrew all 21 library shelves from the walls; then re-use as follows:-

  • 4 x large (800mm width) 6ft units to be re-located within the two facing central archways in the main entrance passage (two side by side in each) to create a professional looking new ‘secondhand books for sale’ display area.

  • remaining 8 x large 6ft units to be re-made into 4 x pairs of movable book shelving (screwed together back to back, 100mm rubber castors added to base).

  • 6 x medium (560mm) 6ft units to be re-made into 3 pairs of movable units as above.

  • 2 x large 5ft units to be re-made into single movable unit as above.

  • 2 x large 2ft 6 units to be re-made into single movable unit as above.

paint 3 x (newly exposed) radiator units

remove 3 x large pictures from wall, and re-site

re-locate the 8 x internet terminals;

  • 4 to each side wall

  • existing 4 x rectangular pc tables to be re-purposed - cut down to half width, so as to create 8 x 1m bench tables (4 each wall).

  • set new power up on each wall using corded extension leads

  • set new floor ports up on each wall using ethernet switch unit (requires single corded extension from an existing port)

fix new motorised 160 inch projection screen to rear wall (to directly face main entrance)

fix 2 x drapes of 1.5m width 70% blackout material to each of the 3 x overhead skylights

fit new drop blinds above each of the arched entrance-ways into main library rooms (to be part extended during day to reduce light levels, with option of full extension during events)

paint door to office (carnegie green - ie. as per existing walls)


re-purpose 2 x 6ft library shelving to create single movable unit as per previous

remove false partition wall on left (exposing pizza shaped void)

re-locate photocopying/printer unit into this space



restore original outer oak panelled doors;

  • repair timber damage with exterior filler

  • re-form single 8 inch section of missing bollection moulding with timber/filler and shape to match

  • remove non-original 2 x 3 ft ply fascia panels from inside of doors

  • prep, and paint inside and outside, incl. frame (dark oak woodstain )

prep, and paint all external window frames (carnegie green)

prep, and paint all exposed rainwater goods / downpipes (carnegie green)

prep, and paint the ‘belltower’ (carnegie green/lead grey)

remove signage and replace with new eccl branded version (design tbc).

add 2 x matching planted container to ‘dress’ each pillar, to sides of front entrance

repair ‘earlsdon library’ over-entrance lightbox