A Victorian Mansion gets a Cream Makeover


This large property, converted into 10 luxury 2 bed apartments, retained it's original sash windows in a reasonable - recently refurbished - condition. However, occasional condensation, poor insulation and ongoing maintenance costs were perceived to be a problem.

AWD Restorations were invited to install 42 individual upvc Heritage Range Sliding Sash and 5 upvc Heritage Range Casement windows to the property in 2013, in consultation with the local Conservation Officer.

The units were specified so as to provide a 'like for like' replacement for the original, requiring the larger bay windows to be manufactured with a 40/60 centre rail separation, the remainder 50/50. We recommended 'cream' as the exterior colour  - one of 8 standard colours available with the Heritage Range. Window interiors were supplied as smooth white to compliment the interior decorating scheme.

The slimline proportions of Heritage Range allow for installation directly into the original sash box - as seen here at Davenport Road - this approach minimises fitting time, however, more significantly, provides for an authentic period look both inside and out.

All windows were specified A-energy rated and supplied with trickle ventilation plus the practical 'tilt-to-clean' feature.






New and old comparision - windows installed directly into original sash boxes to preserve period character - at the time of this photo, the first floor right hand side had yet to be fitted with Heritage Range.

Single one over one heritage range sash in cream with trickle vent and sash horns detail. Window fitted flush with outer leaf blockwork within the newly constructed side entrance/bedroom extension.